The automated dog dogs can be both magnetic and electronic, they provide a whole heap of advantages not just to the pets but to the owners of the dogs as well. These pet entrances would function much like any other dog doors permitting the pet to roam around freely in and out of your house without any difficulty. On the other hand, with the pet doors that are not automated, the indoor pets or even the small kids can go outside anytime they want to. 

Another problem is that, being able to prevent the outside pests from coming into your home. Who would want to see a skunk, a raccoon or other strays that would roam inside the house? The dog entrances that are not automated can even turn into a security problem. The non-automated dog doors give a decent size opening straight to your home, go here to know more! 

While the customary dog doors can cost lesser amount of cash, on the other hand, they can be somewhat drafty. If you are living in a place with colder climate, then having a magnetic or electric door for your dog can be a great solution. Get more info to know more!

 There are two different forms of automated dog doors, the electric and the magnetic. The receiver present on the collar of the dog would activate both of these entrances. As the dog would approach the entrance, the receiver would receiver would send a signal to open the automated pet door. In the event that you are thinking of buying an automated pet door, it is highly advisable that you say yes to any of the ff: 

-              You want to keep a couple of pets in the house as well as giving outdoor access to those pets that wear pet door transmitters.

-              You have a baby or small child that are you apprehensive might crawl his or her way to the regular pet door

-              You are worried about strays and other wild animals or pets that would enter your home through the pet door

-              You would like to have more security in contrast to a standard flap style pet entrance can give. 


The most innovated automated dog entrance available in the market is the heavy duty pet door which utilizes a waterproof programmable collar receiver in activating the door. On the other hand, this top rate dog entrance is somewhat costly and utilizes sonic technology, but there are only few issues regarding the product. Watch to know more about dogs.